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Securitas provides protective services on a global basis. The offering includes specialized guarding, mobile services, monitoring services, remote video solutions as well as consulting and investigations. The company employs c. 330,000 people in 53 different countries. In 2015, total revenues amounted to SEK 81 Bn and operating income of SEK 4 Bn. Securitas has been listed on the Stockholm Stock Exchange since 1991.

According to the company, it has a #1 market position in North America and Europe. Historically, the company has grown through a combination of organic growth and acquisitions. Most recently, the company announced the acquisition of German electronic security company Draht+Schutz.

Securitas is also pushing into “technology and electronic security”, however, the manned guarded security business remains the largest part of the business for now. Historically, demand for guarded security services has been closely linked to global economic development as well as social and demographic trends (source: Securitas webpage).

Securitas has launched a “Vision 2020 Strategy”, which aims to develop the Company into the leading international security company specializing in “protective services”. The strategy includes the following medium- and long-term goals;

Medium-term actions
- Growing mobile services
- Accelerate electronic security, remote guarding and monitoring services
- Improve differentiation through highly specialized customer segments
- Expand fire and safety services

Long-term actions
- Transform the security industry by identifying and pursuing new opportunities, for example through the use of robotics and drones

The company has produced a good one-pager summary of its equity story, which can be found here: 

Securitas share price has exhibited volatility over the past years. The stock traded around SEK 130 in April 2015, then declined to c. SEK 100 in October 2015. Since then the share price has recovered and now trades at c. SEK 135. Securitas has a stated dividend policy of 50-60% of net income, which based on current dividend and share price translates to a dividend yield of c. 2,6%.

Brokers currently have a negative view on Securitas: #6 (29%) Buy, #4 Hold (19%) and #11 (52%) Sell



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