Deutsche Bank

Deutsche Bank

den 18 november 2016

Important legal information

Deutsche Bank was in the center of attention on November 8th when the Wall Street Journal published the news, that the Securities and Exchange Commission has asked the bank for a meeting.


Just in September news reported that the US department of justice is demanding a penalty fee of USD 14 billion over mis-selling of mortgage securities before the financial crisis. Even though the final amount is still in negotiation it seems likely that they will exceed the formed accurals of EUR 5.9 billion.


As published in the Wall Street Journal Deutsche Bank as well as JP Morgan, New York Mellon and Citigroup are being accused of violating ADR market rules which apply for depositary receipts. This allowed the banks to avoid taxes and to gain and profit from insider information.


Surprisingly investors did not seem very impressed by the news. At the German stock exchange, the opening price of the Deutsche Bank share on November 8th quoted at EUR 12.45 and recovered in the course of the day to EUR 12.90. Trading volume in the stock was only at EUR 8.40 Million compared to average of 14.50 the day before.


Ever since, the share has experienced an uptrend and stands now at levels around EUR 15.26 (18.11.2016) with a market capitalization of EUR 19.37 Billion. According to Bloomberg, 3 analysts set Deutsche Bank on BUY, 18 on HOLD and 15 on SELL recommendation.





Since the further performance of the share is subject to many parameters amongst them group policy, industry development and economics. Investors should include these factors in their decision making process.



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