Deutsche Bank

Deutsche Bank

den 12 juni 2015

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New Deutsche Bank CEO Cryan ahead of restructuring

Replacing Anshu Jain, John Cryan will become the new Co-CEO of Deutsche Bank. The former finance chief at Swiss bank UBS sits currently on Deutsche's supervisory board and is said to have been the first choice of Deutsche Bank's chairman Paul Achleitner. New boss Cryan impressed with the way he handled trouble at UBS back in 2008, when the bank was struggling to balance its books. The Brit seeks to restore credibility to a strategy that investors largely rejected at the annual meeting two weeks ago. Deutsche plans to sell its Postbank retail chain as part of a new strategy where it also plans to reduce the size of its investment bank. This could free up capital, allowing the bank to shrink its risk-weighted assets and therefore better meet the banking supervisory authorities.



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