den 29 maj 2015

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Amazon launches a range of own-brand food

Amazon is about to launch a range of own-brandfood. The online retailer is planning to expand its private label lineup into
groceries like milk, cereal, and baby food, the Wall Street Journal reported on Thursday. The newspaper also reported that Amazon filed for trademark protections in early May for more than two dozen categories under its existing Elements brand including coffee, soup, pasta as well as household products like razor blades and cleaning products.

Amazon Prime customers benefit from a same-day delivery. The service will be available in 14 metropolitan areas, putting 1 in
6 Americans within reach of the online retailer’s service that provides a time-saving alternative to a trip to the store. A disadvantage, however, might be that the further expansion is very personnel intensive. Amazon has to employ more than 6,000 workers at its fulfillment centers across the U.S.



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