Novo Nordisk

Novo Nordisk

den 1 april 2015

Important legal information

News flow from new drug filings moves Novo Nordisk stock.

Positive corporate news from the US as well as from Europe lifted Novo Nordisk stock. Also Bloomberg analyst estimations show a quite positive sentiment for Novo Nordisk. Their view convey 21 Buy recommendations, 14 Hold recommendations and only 1 Sell recommendation.Whereas Novo Nordisk received a positive trial result for a Phase II trial of an oral version of GLP-1 drug, the new obesity drug Saxenda® now shows all data from phase III program which concludes a statistically significant lower cardiovascular risk. Furthermore Novo Nordisk released data from another research phase III program, testing FIAsp (Faster-acting Insulin Aspart) against existing short-acting Novolog insulin. According to an Analyst Note from Richard Vosser at J.P. Morgan the data “confirms the potential of the product to at least sustain the growth of the short-acting insulin Franchise above the 6% level going forward and could in fact accelerate Novo’s growth in this area as a consequence of winning market share.”

Investors shall keep in mind, that negative decision making from global drug administration offices can destroy the whole investment case and could lead to massive corrections in the stock price. Also, investors shall keep an eye on the generic pharmaceuticals because they threat the business as well as the overall margin development of innovative pharma companies.  



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