den 28 april 2015

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Electrolux: Q1 reporting surprised market participants

End of last week , Electrolux reported better than expected Q1 figures. A profit warning combined with massive sales decrease in Russia and a slowdown in North America let to extended fear on the investment community. But: Q1 result was better than expected. The board mentioned two reasons for this development. On the one hand side, the US slowdown was as negative as expected – analysts still see negative impacts  through new energy standards for the re-design of the product offering of air conditions and fridges. The West European business section however reported a 4% growth that was accompanied by stable demand. Asia and Australia also reported better sales with headwind in Latin America. For 2015, the board presented a positive outlook that is mainly driven through expected 1-2% industry volume growth. The distribution could be similar to 2015 with positive outlook for Western Europe and still decline in Russia. Growth in North America is rather expected around 3% whereas uncertainties still remain in Latin America. Currently, Bloomberg registered Analysts share 5 Buy recommendations, 11 Hold recommendations and 5 Sell recommendations.



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