Market Indicators

Market Indicators

den 23 december 2015

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According to Svenska Handelsbanken the overall market sentiment in Sweden is stronger than normal. The manufacturing confidence indicator increased by about 5 % in December to 114.3. Even though Handelsbanken expected an increase, their expectations have been exceeded.

Consumer confidence decreased in November as a result of the migration crisis and terror attacks in Paris. A positive economic outlook might have been the main factor leading to the increase of consumer confidence in December. It increased from 96.4 to 98.7 but still shows a slightly pessimistic view.

According to Handelsbanken an Economic Tendency Indicator (ETI) between 100 and 110 indicates a stronger than normal economic situation while figures above 110 indicate a much stronger economic sentiment. In December the ETI climbed to 110.1 compared to 106.7 in November. Next to the manufacturing sector, the positive development in other sectors like retail sales, construction and service, may also have led to this increase. After a very mixed performance of the ETI during the past eight years, the increase in December contributed to the rise from below 90 at the end of 2012.

The strengthening Economic Tendency Indicator was signaling strong economic growth in Sweden, said the National Institute of Economic Research.



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