Commodities Update 24

Commodities Update 24

den 15 december 2015

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Oil prices are still under pressure. The recession of WTI-oil in the past weeks in excess of 10 percent continues at the beginning of the week with further 2.02 percent. The unstable situation of the US fracking industry could influence the oil price in the first quarter in 2016.

An unclear strategy of the OPEC In the Middle East politic as well as the results of the COP-21 in Paris are further burdens for the oil industry. Increasing cash flows for sustainable energies could be foreseen.

The gold price decreased to 1’068 US-Dollars per troy ounce. Moreover the total moving volume of gold is with 1’464 tons at its lowest level since the beginning of 2009. Currency effects have no considerable influence. The EUR/US-Dollar is almost unchanged at 1.0969. The pending meeting of the Fed this week could be another reason for the conservative behavior. A change in the interest rates politics could even more cheapen the gold price but at the same time erase an instability factor.

Since the beginning of 2011 the sugar price decreased from 35 US-cents to concise over 10 US-cents. This led to decreasing investments in this industry. This autumn, prices increased the first time since 2011. A considerable reason could be bad weather conditions in the producing areas. Heavy rainfalls and India and Brazil influenced the production of sugar negatively. A diminished supply could be the reason for the increasing sugar prices.



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