den 20 november 2015

Important legal information

Nike Inc. aims to increase their quarterly dividends by 14% and to have the approval to buy back 12 billion USD in shares. Additionally they announce a 2-for-1 stock split. The company from Beaverton, USA, will split their shares into class A and class B shares. Trading at the adjusted split price begins at the 24th of December.

Nike shares have gained 31% since the beginning of this year and tripled their stock value since the last recession. A split may make the shares more attractive to investors as the prices will be lower. The boosted interest might increase their value. The peak of stock splits was reached in the 1909s, nowadays it is a rather rare procedure.

Last month Nike announced their quarterly earnings. They showed a good performance especially in women’s wear, but could also increase their market shares in football and running. Nike is the number one in the sportswear-sector, followed by the German company Adidas AG. Some pressure is coming from the comparably young company Under Armour. The sector benefits from the fashion trend to wear sportswear in your life, called “athleisure”.



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