den 29 oktober 2015

Important legal information

Like MasterCard, Visa is offering a service that processes credit card and debit card transaction. Visa will publish its quarterly earnings on 2nd of November. In Q2 the American company Visa had a revenue of 3.52 billion USD, partly achieved through tax benefits. During the last quarter they raised dividends by 25%. Now they raised dividends again by 17% to 14 Cent per year.

To participate in the present digitization, Visa expanded its product range by contactless payments. Until now, 3 million of such cards have been issued. 60,000 terminals that enable contactless payments are already in use. The company expects the number to increase to 300,000 terminals in the next two years. Their service Visa Digital Solutions aims to secure payments using mobile devices. Additionally they support Apple’s Apple Pay service together with other companies.

Now Visa is planning an acquisition with the affiliated company Visa Europe. Since 2008, both have been connected through a licence agreement only. About 4,000 European banks have shares in Visa Europe. They would benefit from the 21 billion USD-acquisition according to their amount of shares. In Europe every sixth Euro is processed by Visa. With the takeover of Visa Europe, Visa is strengthening its position against their biggest competitor MasterCard.



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