Vontobel Swiss Research Basket

Vontobel Swiss Research Basket

07 March 2018
Vontobel is the market leader in Swiss equity research. This multiple-award-winning expertise is now available to all investors – via the dynamic Swiss Research Basket

With just a single transaction, you can take advantage of current and future buy recommendations. The dynamic concept of the Swiss Research Basket draws on a pool of currently 120 Swiss companies that are part of the SPI®. Only those equities with sufficient liquidity are taken into consideration. Thanks to the three weighting classes, the basket is more balanced than a capitalization-weighted Swiss equity index, and the market coverage is more realistic. Large caps do not dominate, and the potential of promising smaller companies can be better harnessed. The basket is adjusted on the basis of the defined rules, with only those stocks that have a buy recommendation from the analysts being included.

Stocks that lose their buy recommendation are always eliminated. Any such ratings changes are published in the morning, and the corresponding basket adjustments are made the same day. The net dividends are reinvested in the same stock on the distribution date.

The basket is compiled on the basis of the current “Buy” recommendations of Vontobel's research / sell-side analysis team. Adjustments are made on the basis of ratings changes by financial analysts. In preparing financial analysis, both Vontobel and its analysts disclose any conflicts of interest; these may be viewed at any time at derinet.ch/researchdisclaimer.


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