Trade of the Week: Coffee

Trade of the Week: Coffee

28 September 2021 from FillorKill

Trade of the Week: Coffee

Here we will present a weekly trading theme and underlying which @Phukettrader and @LoneWolf discuss further in their podcast.

This weeks’ trade has coffee as an underlying and below you can find more information about the products. 

Brazilian plantations currently account for one third of the world's coffee exports. So, it came as no surprise that the price of coffee soared when the region suffered both drought and frost over the past year. Over a six-day period in July, the price of Arabica beans soared by 30%. The drought and frost in Brazil has led to a loss of crops on 1.5 million square kilometers of arable land - an area the size of Peru. Over half a billion kilos of coffee beans have been lost - enough to brew every American cup of coffee for a four-month period. In which direction do you see the price developing?

Source: Bloomberg 28.09.2021

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