Skanska AB

Skanska AB

31 August 2016

Important legal information

Skanska AB is a Swedish construction and development company. The group is headquartered in Stockholm, Sweden and employs approximately 43,514 employees. The company has strong growth drivers like a growing urbanization across the world and an increasing global population, which strengthen the needs toward infrastructure, housing and education. Skanska aims to build up its business in a sustainable way. According to the company, the main growth of the group will be achieved organically and also by acquiring news firm and entering new markets.


Skanska’s revenue decreased by 2 percent in H1 2016 to SEK 72.5 billion in comparison revenue sales to 74.4 billion in H1 2015. However with regard on currency effects the revenue was unchanged in H1 2016. Skanska’s profitability increased during the first half of 2016: Operating income jumped to SEK 3.6 billion , 46 percent more than a year before. The uncertainty coming from the consequences of the BREXIT don’t impacted Skanka’s business directly. However the potentially negative impact of the BREXIT in the short-term could be offset by low interest rates, which help the development of the company. However the future development remains to be seen.


Bloomberg consensus set the 12-month target price to SEK 187.70. As of 30 August 2016, the price per share was SEK 189.40. Currently, 5 analysts set Skanska AB on BUY, 6 on HOLD and 2 on SELL recommendation.


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