Roche Holding AG

Roche Holding AG

25 October 2016

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In the last few months, Roche convinced with several positive news such as at the oncology conference of the European Society for Medical Oncology which took place in Copenhagen on the 8th October. The third largest pharmaceutical company with 91,000 employees focuses on the research of cancer therapy, virology and transplant medicine. The company’s turnover amounted to CHF 48.145 billion in 2015 (Bloomberg).




According to the American approval authority, especially Roche’s research in the field of lung cancer seems to be promising. As studies of last September revealed, the new anti-cancer drug “Tecentriq” enhances the patient’s life expectancy compared to the Docetaxel-chemotherapy and thus fueling hopes for healing cancer. On the 19th October, this anti-cancer drug was approved by the authority in terms of a second line therapy. It is estimated that “Tecentriq” could generate a turnover of CHF 2.5 billion in the next four years (Bloomberg).




The turnover rose about 1 percent to CHF 25 billion in the last quarter (Bloomberg). The high-dividend-policy still attracts investors despite the relatively high costs for research. The stock (ROG:VX) currently prices at CHF 234.4 with a market capitalization of CHF 202.569 billion. The P/E ratio is 21.98 the return per share amounts to 2.01 and 27 (87 percent) analysts assess the stock as “buy” and 4 (12 as “hold”. The average target price is CHF 294.52.



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